Death Angel

Log line: When 21-year-old Angela Lawson loses control of her unusual sexual fantasies, the only logical way for her is to satisfy her cravings irrespective of the consequences involved-     death to her victims who are but females.



From a humble home of a single parent and a brother, Angela Lawson, a 21-year-old university student hails. As she a psychology scholar her mother believes that Angela would one day become a psychologist yet, unknown to her, Angela suffers from a serious, mental disorder.  Although, she secretly watches lesbian porn to satisfy her cravings, she soon loses control of her mind and confesses to her psychology teacher at school, Dr. Miles about her inability to think of anything else but making love to her boyfriend whenever she sees him-  something she said indirectly about her true nature towards women. Dr. Miles advises her to stay away from him (her imaginary boy friend) moreover; Angela disposes off the porn cassettes she frequently watches. Nonetheless, she soon begins craving for them and exits her room one night to look for the cassettes she placed in a bin behind the house, within the compound.

Finally, no longer able to hold back her feelings, she visits a pub at night and meets a man who later supplies her with some chemicals in exchange for sex and with these she takes down her victims. She visits a night club and kills a woman in the washroom after driving her unconscious with chloroform and injecting her with some drug. Her next victim is a stripper and following her death, Sergeant Mctyre and colleague Detective Sailor come to the conclusion that a woman is behind the deaths. As a way of hiding her identity, Angela sets forth to the supplier’s house with the intent of killing him. Yet, he’s planned likewise after hearing the news about the police suspicions. He returns home at night to meet her asleep in his sofa and starts a short romantic conversation which suddenly turns into an expression of hatred towards her. Henry points a gun at her but suddenly puts it away once his friend shows up at the door. Yet, Sam’s entry doesn’t stop Angela from pulling the trigger at them both.

She leaves for home afterwards and meets her mother at the living room who confronts her on some items she found in her closet. She accuses Angela of practicing prostitution which makes her leave the room in anger. Once in her room, she begins parking her belongings and attempts leaving the residence early the next morning but rather is dragged to a mental hospital where she’s admitted. –   something her mum organized. There, the unexpected occurs when Angela pretending to be asleep seizes the hand of the nurse who covers her with a blanket and injects her with a sedative. The nurse collapses onto the floor and Angela hurriedly locks the door by using a chair in the room. She then bends over the nurse kissing her but 5 minutes later, she awakens and screams causing Angela to cover her mouth. However, her cry calls attention and a doctor arrives forcing the door open. Angela attempts to escape but is seized by the doctor who calls security on her.

Consequently, she arrives at Sergeant Mctyre’s office for interrogation and confesses abruptly to being behind the deaths of the women. Moments afterwards, she rises from her seat and walks towards the door but Sergeant assures her of her inability to leave. He sits calling for Detective Sailor on the phone when suddenly, Angela hardly hits her head repeatedly on the wall- a suicide attempt. Sergeant Mctyre rushes to stop her but she’s already unconscious by the time he gets there. Angela is sent to the hospital where she soon passes away.



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