Dream of Gloom

LOG LINE: A Christian top lyricist/singer/translator meets a man she decides to convert and befriends him but after a continual recurrence of a strange dream she calls off the friendship, an act that automatically tags her as his next victim.

Joanne Taylor, a Christian top lyricist/singer/translator meets a man at a restaurant one day while there to meet with a friend. They engage in a short conversation and Joanne invites him to church with her coming Wednesday. Jorge agrees and gives his number to her to call. Joanne informs her mother about her decision to convert Jorge, a factory worker and a foreigner from Argentina. Sunday morning, a drug client visits Jorge home for some drugs and after an unfriendly welcome from him Max claims never to step foot in his house again.
A day later, Jorge is robbed of his drugs and visits his supplier for help. Max tries to sell the drugs to a man who offers to buy them at a lower price. Thus, he fights him but is killed and his body deposited in a trash bin. Wednesday comes and Joanne , her friend Jessica and Jorge visit church. Yet that night in her sleep, Joanne dreams of a car violently knocking down a woman walking on the street. The dream occurs twice and on the third time reveals the identity of the driver of the car, Jorge. Joanne informs Jessica about it and cuts contact with Jorge. One evening, while entering her house she meets Jorge who confronts her about her behaviour towards him lately. She claims to be engaged to be married and warns him to stay out of her way else she informs the police and accuses him of harassment. Jorge leaves and deletes Joanne’s number on his phone.
Few days later, a famous singer launches her album and Joanne and Jake, the music producer with whom she works witness the event. However, at the function, Jake is served two separate glasses of drinks one by a waitress and the latter by a waiter. Minutes after the first drink, his hands begin to tremble slightly but he doesn’t take notice of it as he taps his feet enjoying the song Joanne wrote. At the end of the event, a waiter serves him a glass of drink and he accepts it. He offers to give Joan a ride home but she’s called Tim, a driver she witnessed to some time ago. Thus, Jake drives home alone. On the way, he trembles violently and is drowsy. Consequently, he crashes his car by veering off his lane.
Joanne is shocked by the news but recovers 2 weeks after only to be attacked by a supposed tramp who slashes her hand with a knife. Joanne asks the doctor to discharge her that night and Tim picks her up and takes her home. Joanne recollects the events of the past few days and comes to a conclusion that Jorge is behind them all. She informs the police who visit his home but finds it empty. Consequently, an interview with Josh, Jorge’s close friend and coworker reveals Jorge’s decision to return to Argentina, a ploy to get the police off his track. Joanne is given a guard with whom she visits her parents’ home. That night, Jorge appears in her room and threatens to kill her parents who’re held by 2 gun men in the living room if she walks out of the room. He abducts her and drives away with the others. But the police finds them due to a tiny tracking device Joanne’s guard had put in her cup of chocolate that morning at her home. Jorge threatens to kill her thinking she called the cops and blows up the driver’s head after he’s refused to stop the car. The other assailant steps down from the car and is arrested. Jorge does likewise moments later with a gun at Joanne’s head, threatening to kill her if any got close. Yet, Joanne convinces him of her love for him and he lets down the gun and is arrested. Subsequently, Joanne and her parents visit him at jail, he reforms and starts a ministry, for which Joanne’s parents provide him Bibles.


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