Log line: Blackmailed by her ex-boyfriend, Donna abandons all for the Bahamas. Yet even in paradise, there is trouble: she’s kidnapped and threatened with death unless her ex hands over his cocaine plantation to a man he thought to be a friend… Donna escapes thanks to the help of a detective and returns to the United States where she was a student. Years later, she meets Terry in Italy but he’s already married, to a woman who mistakes Donna for a rival and gets her killed.

After breaking up with her ex-boyfriend a year ago, Donna, an undergraduate student from Italy meets Terry, an American graduate with whom she forms a friendship. Yet, her ex suddenly appears and blackmails her: threatening to post some X-rated photos of her online. Though not true, she gives in to his request to leave with him to the Bahamas. Meanwhile, the police search for Juan, Donna’s ex via an undercover agent, Detective Charles. On the other hand in Bahamas, a close friend of Juan plans on seizing his entire cocaine plantation unknown to him. Donna’s pursued while touring the city with a bodyguard and later kidnapped by Abelda’s men in exchange for Juan’s cocaine plantation.
Yet, a year later, she returns to the States to continue her studies. Later, she meets Terry in Italy, where he’s got a job with an architecture firm. Upon seeing her, his desire for her rekindles although he has no intention of going back. However, his wife sees a change in his attitude and secretly hires a detective to find out if he’s seeing another woman. Once when Terry pays a visit to Donna at her home, the man finds out and reports to his wife. She becomes convinced that she’s the other woman and hires someone to take her out. Following Donna’s death, Terry’s life seems to have torn apart, his mother visits him at home to console him. There, his wife overhears their conversation and becomes infuriated with them, threatening his mother to stay away from their marriage. Terry’s mum however perceives the threat as being beyond the ordinary and accuses Terry’s wife of the possibility of her having a hand in Donna’s death. Though, she naturally denies it, Terry’s mum is unconvinced and tells her son about it. Terry does not believe.
A week later, his mum is involved in a fatal accident which leaves her dead (terry’s wife’s doing). Following this, Terry begins to consider his mother’s claim and one evening, threatens his wife with death if she doesn’t confess to both crimes. He secretly sets up a recorder and holds a gun at her but his wife having a gun unknown to him pulls it out of her jeans and shoots him to death. Consequently, she bolts away after taking some money with her leaving behind a hidden recorder. Consequently, she visits the man who had caused Terry’s mum’s accident and asks for his help to get out of the country by sea the next day. The man agrees to help her and accommodates her at his place, a ghetto with drug addicts and criminals. Nonetheless, that night the police storm the place, killing the man he’s with and taking her hostage.


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