Son of Faith

Log line: An occasionally abusive father’s gambling win unleashes a string of plagues onto his young family.



An Chen is a 14-year-old Chinese boy who attends a government school and shares a small house with his mother, a fish seller and his father, a factory worker in China town.  Despite, the family’s financial problems, he excels at school and by so doing wins some scholarship to cover the rest of his high school education. An is reserved but has a handful of friends with whom he sometimes hangs out with. One day, he is invited by one of his friends, a Christian boy named Matthew to a function. After asking his mum permission to leave home, he goes with Matthew to meet a Christian congregation at a park. There he meets an evangelist who shares the Word with the crowd. At the end of the concert, Bibles are handed out and he receives one along with his friend.  Later, he confesses to Matthew his desire to become a Christian. Matthew is elated and promises to help him in practicing his new faith. A few days later, An decides on adding a bible name to his name. He tells his mother about it and she agrees with him. Yet, when his dad finds out a few days later, he severely beats him up and leaves the house to a pub. There he meets a group of men gambling (playing cards) and joins them. Ultimately, he wins collecting a large sum of money with him and exits the place. Yet, a man follows him from a distance as he walks home. The following day, he goes to work but as he returns home in the evening, a man approaches him suddenly and questions him on the money he got gambling and asks that he returns it. He refuses, fighting off the man but gets pierced by a knife.  A day later, An and his mother discover their father is dead and following this, a group of men show up at their home. They’re asked to produce the money Jung won else they kill his family. The following day, An’s mother visits the police station to launch a complaint over the men. The police promise her of its safety. The men never show up at her house until a week’s time when they do at night, setting up the building on fire. An and his mum escape and seek refuge in a relative’s house but things don’t go on well there and An loses his mum and ends up in an orphanage. From there, his own struggles begin yet he overcomes them all by the Word.




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